Globeracer's Studio - holistic design

We offer our customers a turn-key setup. We believe that a holistic design will provide all members with the best possible experience. A lot can be achieved with simple means and modest budgets!

Optimising the conditions is crucial in allowing the product and the instructor to collaborate and complete one another.

Daniel Stub, CEO, Globeracer AS

In order to optimise the visual experience, the interior must be tailored to what one wants to achieve. It’s essential to think holistically if one chooses to invest in a visual system intended to inspirethe participants and avoid regarding the system as an isolated element in the studio.

The way in which the system is integrated into the studio as well as on the class schedule is crucial for maximum benefit realisation. The instructors especially, need be included in the task of implementing the investment as a novel and attractive product offering at the gym. If this is well executed,  the role of the instructor will benefit positively which inturn will rub off on the participants in the studio.

Good experiences inspire long-term training

Successfully achieving this requiresa good interaction between the instructor, the system and the members in the studio.

Anexample of good implementation, Aktiv Trening Blindheim

A good visual presentation makes it easier to communicate exactly what’s on offer and what you want to «sell» to the members. A randomly placed projector screen in light surrounding will often not have the desired effect. The message becomes unclear and it is difficult to communicate to the members what it is you are trying to achieve. We are strong believers inexplicit concepts divided into zones in the gym. This provides you with a clearly defined product that is easily communicated by everyone who is in contact with the members, be it the instructors, PTs or receptionists.

The upgrade of the cycling studios conducted by Globeracer turned out great and gives Trimeriet Sandnes a new boost.

Kenneth Paulsen, General manager, Trimeriet.
Priorto upgrade, Trimeriet Sandnes
«New» cycling studio at Trimeriet Sandnes ready for great experiences!

Good visual framing of the product also makes it easierto offer high quality virtual classes outside of the prime time instructor led classes. When the frames around a system are optimised it becomes easier for members to focus on the exercising and even take it up a notch. This is evenmore important when the classes are run without an instructor leading andinspiring the class.

A clear concept makes the job of promoting the product offering to members much easier.

Daniel Stub, CEO, Globeracer AS

Many gyms have great studios with good potential for displaying visual systems. By exploring possibilities rather than limitations, one often finds the starting point to be better than what one was led to believe at firstglance. However, the studios are often decoratedin light colours and the lighting not installed with showing of film in mind. A studio make-over with just simple adjustments is often enough to add a new dimension to the training.

For film screening we recommend dark colours, but in order to maintain a vibrant energy in the room, it’s equally important to havegood contrasting colours. These are best placed at the opposite end of the room, so the contrasting colour avoids interfering with the visual experience of the movie.

Our work at Trimeriet in Stavanger is a good example of what can be achieved even if the studio appears worn. Despite a modest budget it was transformed into a completely different studio with a new and coherent design. In collaboration with Trimeriet, we have conceptualized and clarified the cycling offering to the members.

Amazing transformation at Trimeriet Stavanger

Prior to make over, front.
Prior to make over, back.
Pretty happy with this transformation!
Good contrast colors are important for the "energy" in the room

Through several projects we’ve now obtained a good understanding of what works best in the interaction between visual systems, instructor and the experience for the members.

Summed up, it’s all about making smart choices when new studios are built or renewed. Upgrading studios with the intent of creating good experiences, needn’t cost a lot. Not buying a large projector screen is agood example of a way to cut costs, as painting it on the wall works just aswell.

And remember: design is one thing, but great experiences are made by people and by high quality content.

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