Workout System

– group display of real time data

Treatment and display of real-time workout data

Anonymous individual and class metrics

WiFi connection

Heart rate belt and wattbike (3rd party hardware)



Zone-based training is the best way to get in better shape,
ensure progress and reduce the risk of over-training.


 A group display of training data on a big screen inspires each individual to reach his or her individual goals together with others.




Workout Panel

Inspiring measurements

Guided by your heart

Never stop listening to your heart. Training with your heart is a good and simple way to push yourself towards new peaks. Every single heart beat counts.

Power up your classes

Let the power in the pedal and the color of intensity make your goals come true. Watt doesn’t fake, it gives you the true picture of your capacity and physical shape. Combining pulse and watt will definitely power up your indoor cycling sessions. 

Kcal – go home

Is the last chunk of weekend fun still lingering in your system? Give the class the extra motivation they need to push towards the target. Globeracer counts calories lost as you strive to get up those indoor hills.

Score Panel

Inspiring coaching – amifying the experience with rewards to make the class reach their intensity target.


Pull together

This is a useful tool for instructors, allowing them to see how their class is doing compared to the recommended intensity. Deviation from the recommended intensity is displayed as a percentage and shown as a blue curve.

Hit your target

The “Score Panel” allows the instructor to better control the intensity of training participants, and allows more thorough coaching during the training session. No more guessing about the performance for each indivdual – track the progress and guide them in the right direction.

Guide your class

Excellent coaching tools for instructors, tell at a glance how each participant is doing relative to the recommended intensity.


Compatible bikes