Cinematic Cycling

Pedal through
  world famous stages

Specially produced films, for Live- and Virtual Coaching.

Unique immersive quality - journey through magnificent landscapes.

Special effects added to the films inspires to keep pushing.

Regular roll-out of great films, inspiring loyalty to your sessions.




Go Live or expand your cycling schedule without added costs 


Live Coaching

The instructor controls which graphic content is displayed during the workout session.

Live coaching enables modern instructors to interact and control which graphic content is on display. Letting instructors add their personal touch while they guide the room towards the finish line.

With intuitive infographics the instructors can devote their full attention to the class, while the class can adjust their own intensity regardless of the film. 

Virtual Coaching 

Receive greater return on investment from your cycling studio.

In the course of each training session, clear info-graphics allow precise control of training intensity and load, and inspire persistence and good follow through.

The “Auto Mode” allows unmanned session to be combined with “Workout System” and “Toolbox”.

Virtual coaching comes both with and without voiceover. 





Type of infographic for both Live- and Virtual coaching


Intensity curve (heart rate & watt)

Point of interest

Time in zones


Experienced intensity (heart rate and watt)

Advice for successful cycling session

Spin plan

Recommended intensity zone

Recommended fluid intake

Incline percent

 Countdown clock (tune / period / total)

Advice for optimizing recovery




It has never before been this simple to instruct indoor cycling 


Auto mode

By running the Auto Mode, the instructor can let the system push the class as he or she tends to each person in the class. Meanwhile, pre-programmed visualization of infographics and workout data is displayed on the screen. 

Spin plan

The instructor controls when Spin Plans are to be displayed. The Spin Plan is an effective tool, giving the instructor full control of every stage of the training session. The Spin Plan has continually updated information on: 

  • RPM for current tune 
  • Totalt numbers of tunes and how many tunes remain 
  • Number of standing and sitting intervals remaining for current tune 
  • Cuntdown clock for each standing and sitting interval
  • Precise timing for the adjustment of tranining load 
  • Change of tune / music track 

Film facts

efficient routines for quality productions.Extensive experience has given
Globeracer a competitive advantage








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