Studio design and marketing support

We offer full scale design of the cycling studio with accompanying visual graphics.

Our design insures a holistic and good cycling experience. Our approach is to always look for the studio's potential, and not its limitations. 



Requirements for audiovisual equipment and recommendations for interior


Projector and big screen

Projector: Resulotion 1920 x 1080 (HD), minimum 3500 ansilumen. Numbers of ansi lumen depends on image size and light in the room. Projector with lens shift is also recommended for reduced installation time.

Screen: Fixed screen, format 16:9, silver grey surface (Re Act) for excellent colour contrast and black level, gain 1.0.

Flat screens can be used instead of film screens and projectors in smaller studios. 

Lighting and color scheme

Proper lighting enhances the user experience. Even a small amount of light on the film screen can reduce the image reproduction significantly.

Having the right color scheme in the room also influences the experience of the content on the film screen. In order to focus attention towards the screen, it is a requirement that there is a dark color on the wall behind the screen and that the big screen not be exposed to direct light. 

Bear in mind that both lighting and color scheme contribute to creating good or bad 'energy' for the training. Dark colors require good contrasting colors.

Position of the instructor

Good contact between the instructor and the participants provides increased quality and greater benefit from the training for everyone.

Viewing angle towards the screen

In order to get the best possible result from Globeracer, it is essential that everyone in the studio has a good viewing angle of the screen. Placing the screen too high results in stiff necks and reduced attention to the content on the screen as the session progresses. The screen should be placed in the most optimal position possible with respect to a comfortable and natural head position for the participants in the studio.


Ensuring that holistic and good sound reaches all of the participants in the room is extremely important. The back row should have as good sound as the front row. Good sound together with a good image on the film screen strengthens the total experience. Adapt the sound system to fit the size of the studio and be precise when deciding the location of acoustic plates.



 Globeracer Cinematic Studio